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Top 1000 NoCopyRightSounds NCS | 12 Hour.
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Possible alternative colours to S 1500-N from the NCS 1950 …

Alternative colours to S 1500-N | NCS 1950 colour converter to RAL, BS, Pantone, DIN, Australian Standard, Farrow and Ball, Little Greene, Federal Standard, …

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Date Published: 12/5/2022

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NCS color S 1500-N –

The website offers online colour charts to find the eal colour: RAL, PANTONE, NCS, CARS or MOTORCYCLE. Popular Ral colours. RAL 1003. RAL …

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Date Published: 1/30/2022

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Convert NCS to RAL color code

Use our lookup table to easily convert an NCS color code to a RAL color code. NCS and RAL are two different color … NCS 1500-N · RAL 7047 Telegrey 4.

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Date Published: 7/22/2022

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NCS-S-to-RAL-Colour-Summary.pdf – Coating Tech Oy

NCS S Colour. Closest RAL GL. DE to closest RAL GL. S 0300-N. 9016. 2,0. S 0500-N … S 1500-N. 9018. 3,4. S 1502-B. 7047. 3,1. S 1502-B50G.

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Date Published: 5/4/2021

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NCS S 1500 N – Avace Colours

Specifiers and designers are looking for greater colour choice and are selecting colours from the RAL Design, NCS and Pantone ranges. The ability to manufacture …

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Date Published: 10/12/2022

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NCS S 1500-N (NCS Index 1950) |

NCS color code S 1500-N is part of the color collection NCS Index 1950, color category S 1500 – S 1580.

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Date Published: 5/28/2021

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주제와 관련된 이미지 ncs s 1500 n to ral

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Top 1000 NoCopyRightSounds NCS | 12 Hours
Top 1000 NoCopyRightSounds NCS | 12 Hours

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NCS 1950 colour converter to RAL BS Pantone Federal Standard AS 2700 Farrow and Ball Little Greene Dulux DIN NCS

Possible alternative colours to S 1500-N from the NCS 1950 colour range Choose Range: Choose colour range RAL Classic RAL Design RAL Effect British Standards 4800/5252 BS 381 C BS 2660 BS 5252 Other BS colours Pantone® Coated Pantone® Uncoated ASTM F934 fencing DIN 6164 NCS 1950 AMS Standard 595A Federal Standard 595C Australian Standard AS2700 Dulux® Trade (UK) Farrow and Ball (UK) Fired Earth (UK) Isomat (EU) Little Greene (UK) PPG (US) / Johnstone’s (UK) Sherwin-Williams (US) Tikkurila (EU) Choose colour: Choose colour reference S 0300-N S 0500-N S 0502-B S 0502-B50G S 0502-G S 0502-G50Y S 0502-R S 0502-R50B S 0502-Y S 0502-Y50R S 0505-B S 0505-B20G S 0505-B50G S 0505-B80G S 0505-G S 0505-G10Y S 0505-G20Y S 0505-G30Y S 0505-G40Y S 0505-G50Y S 0505-G60Y S 0505-G70Y S 0505-G80Y S 0505-G90Y S 0505-R S 0505-R10B S 0505-R20B S 0505-R30B S 0505-R40B S 0505-R50B S 0505-R60B S 0505-R70B S 0505-R80B S 0505-R90B S 0505-Y S 0505-Y10R S 0505-Y20R S 0505-Y30R S 0505-Y40R S 0505-Y50R S 0505-Y60R S 0505-Y70R S 0505-Y80R S 0505-Y90R S 0507-B S 0507-B20G S 0507-B80G S 0507-G S 0507-G40Y S 0507-G80Y S 0507-R S 0507-R20B S 0507-R40B S 0507-R60B S 0507-R80B S 0507-Y S 0507-Y20R S 0507-Y40R S 0507-Y60R S 0507-Y80R S 0510-B S 0510-B10G S 0510-B30G S 0510-B50G S 0510-B70G S 0510-B90G S 0510-G S 0510-G10Y S 0510-G20Y S 0510-G30Y S 0510-G40Y S 0510-G50Y S 0510-G60Y S 0510-G70Y S 0510-G80Y S 0510-G90Y S 0510-R S 0510-R10B S 0510-R20B S 0510-R30B S 0510-R40B S 0510-R50B S 0510-R60B S 0510-R70B S 0510-R80B S 0510-R90B S 0510-Y S 0510-Y10R S 0510-Y20R S 0510-Y30R S 0510-Y40R S 0510-Y50R S 0510-Y60R S 0510-Y70R S 0510-Y80R S 0510-Y90R S 0515-B S 0515-B20G S 0515-B50G S 0515-B80G S 0515-G S 0515-G20Y S 0515-G40Y S 0515-G60Y S 0515-G80Y S 0515-G90Y S 0515-R S 0515-R10B S 0515-R20B S 0515-R40B S 0515-R60B S 0515-R80B S 0515-R90B S 0515-Y S 0515-Y10R S 0515-Y20R S 0515-Y30R S 0515-Y40R S 0515-Y50R S 0515-Y60R S 0515-Y70R S 0515-Y80R S 0515-Y90R S 0520-B S 0520-B10G S 0520-B30G S 0520-B40G S 0520-B50G S 0520-B60G S 0520-B70G S 0520-B90G S 0520-G S 0520-G10Y S 0520-G20Y S 0520-G30Y S 0520-G40Y S 0520-G50Y S 0520-G60Y S 0520-G70Y S 0520-G80Y S 0520-G90Y S 0520-R S 0520-R10B S 0520-R20B S 0520-R30B S 0520-R40B S 0520-R50B S 0520-R60B S 0520-R70B S 0520-R80B S 0520-R90B S 0520-Y S 0520-Y10R S 0520-Y20R S 0520-Y30R S 0520-Y40R S 0520-Y50R S 0520-Y60R S 0520-Y70R S 0520-Y80R S 0520-Y90R S 0525-R60B S 0525-R70B S 0530-B S 0530-B10G S 0530-B30G S 0530-B40G S 0530-B50G S 0530-B60G S 0530-B70G S 0530-B90G S 0530-G S 0530-G10Y S 0530-G20Y S 0530-G30Y S 0530-G40Y S 0530-G50Y S 0530-G60Y S 0530-G70Y S 0530-G80Y S 0530-G90Y S 0530-R S 0530-R10B S 0530-R20B S 0530-R30B S 0530-R40B S 0530-R50B S 0530-R80B S 0530-R90B S 0530-Y S 0530-Y10R S 0530-Y20R S 0530-Y30R S 0530-Y40R S 0530-Y50R S 0530-Y60R S 0530-Y70R S 0530-Y80R S 0530-Y90R S 0540-B S 0540-B10G S 0540-B30G S 0540-G S 0540-G10Y S 0540-G20Y S 0540-G30Y S 0540-G40Y S 0540-G50Y S 0540-G60Y S 0540-G70Y S 0540-G80Y S 0540-G90Y S 0540-R S 0540-R10B S 0540-R20B S 0540-R30B S 0540-R90B S 0540-Y S 0540-Y10R S 0540-Y20R S 0540-Y30R S 0540-Y40R S 0540-Y50R S 0540-Y60R S 0540-Y70R S 0540-Y80R S 0540-Y90R S 0550-G10Y S 0550-G20Y S 0550-G30Y S 0550-G40Y S 0550-G50Y S 0550-G60Y S 0550-G70Y S 0550-G80Y S 0550-G90Y S 0550-R S 0550-R10B S 0550-Y S 0550-Y10R S 0550-Y20R S 0550-Y30R S 0550-Y40R S 0550-Y50R S 0550-Y60R S 0550-Y70R S 0550-Y80R S 0550-Y90R S 0560-G10Y S 0560-G20Y S 0560-G30Y S 0560-G40Y S 0560-G50Y S 0560-G60Y S 0560-G70Y S 0560-G80Y S 0560-G90Y S 0560-R S 0560-Y S 0560-Y10R S 0560-Y20R S 0560-Y30R S 0560-Y40R S 0560-Y50R S 0560-Y60R S 0560-Y70R S 0560-Y80R S 0560-Y90R S 0565-G10Y S 0565-G50Y S 0565-R S 0570-G20Y S 0570-G30Y S 0570-G40Y S 0570-G60Y S 0570-G70Y S 0570-G80Y S 0570-G90Y S 0570-Y S 0570-Y10R S 0570-Y20R S 0570-Y30R S 0570-Y40R S 0570-Y50R S 0570-Y60R S 0570-Y70R S 0570-Y80R S 0570-Y90R S 0575-G20Y S 0575-G40Y S 0575-G60Y S 0575-G70Y S 0575-G90Y S 0580-G30Y S 0580-Y S 0580-Y10R S 0580-Y20R S 0580-Y30R S 0580-Y40R S 0580-Y50R S 0580-Y60R S 0580-Y70R S 0580-Y80R S 0580-Y90R S 0585-Y20R S 0585-Y30R S 0585-Y40R S 0585-Y50R S 0585-Y60R S 0585-Y70R S 0585-Y80R S 0603-G40Y S 0603-G80Y S 0603-R20B S 0603-R40B S 0603-R60B S 0603-R80B S 0603-Y20R S 0603-Y40R S 0603-Y60R S 0603-Y80R S 0804-B50G S 0804-G20Y S 0804-G60Y S 0804-G90Y S 0804-R10B S 0804-R30B S 0804-R50B S 0804-R70B S 0804-R90B S 0804-Y10R S 0804-Y30R S 0804-Y50R S 0804-Y70R S 0804-Y90R S 0907-B20G S 0907-B80G S 0907-G20Y S 0907-G60Y S 0907-G90Y S 0907-R10B S 0907-R30B S 0907-R50B S 0907-R70B S 0907-R90B S 0907-Y10R S 0907-Y30R S 0907-Y50R S 0907-Y70R S 0907-Y90R S 1000-N S 1002-B S 1002-B50G S 1002-G S 1002-G50Y S 1002-R S 1002-R50B S 1002-Y S 1002-Y50R S 1005-B S 1005-B20G S 1005-B50G S 1005-B80G S 1005-G S 1005-G10Y S 1005-G20Y S 1005-G30Y S 1005-G40Y S 1005-G50Y S 1005-G60Y S 1005-G70Y S 1005-G80Y S 1005-G90Y S 1005-R S 1005-R10B S 1005-R20B S 1005-R30B S 1005-R40B S 1005-R50B S 1005-R60B S 1005-R70B S 1005-R80B S 1005-R90B S 1005-Y S 1005-Y10R S 1005-Y20R S 1005-Y30R S 1005-Y40R S 1005-Y50R S 1005-Y60R S 1005-Y70R S 1005-Y80R S 1005-Y90R S 1010-B S 1010-B10G S 1010-B30G S 1010-B50G S 1010-B70G S 1010-B90G S 1010-G S 1010-G10Y S 1010-G20Y S 1010-G30Y S 1010-G40Y S 1010-G50Y S 1010-G60Y S 1010-G70Y S 1010-G80Y S 1010-G90Y S 1010-R S 1010-R10B S 1010-R20B S 1010-R30B S 1010-R40B S 1010-R50B S 1010-R60B S 1010-R70B S 1010-R80B S 1010-R90B S 1010-Y S 1010-Y10R S 1010-Y20R S 1010-Y30R S 1010-Y40R S 1010-Y50R S 1010-Y60R S 1010-Y70R S 1010-Y80R S 1010-Y90R S 1015-B S 1015-B20G S 1015-B50G S 1015-B80G S 1015-G S 1015-G20Y S 1015-G40Y S 1015-G60Y S 1015-G80Y S 1015-G90Y S 1015-R S 1015-R10B S 1015-R20B S 1015-R40B S 1015-R60B S 1015-R80B S 1015-R90B S 1015-Y S 1015-Y10R S 1015-Y20R S 1015-Y30R S 1015-Y40R S 1015-Y50R S 1015-Y60R S 1015-Y70R S 1015-Y80R S 1015-Y90R S 1020-B S 1020-B10G S 1020-B30G S 1020-B40G S 1020-B50G S 1020-B60G S 1020-B70G S 1020-B90G S 1020-G S 1020-G10Y S 1020-G20Y S 1020-G30Y S 1020-G40Y S 1020-G50Y S 1020-G60Y S 1020-G70Y S 1020-G80Y S 1020-G90Y S 1020-R S 1020-R10B S 1020-R20B S 1020-R30B S 1020-R40B S 1020-R50B S 1020-R60B S 1020-R70B S 1020-R80B S 1020-R90B S 1020-Y S 1020-Y10R S 1020-Y20R S 1020-Y30R S 1020-Y40R S 1020-Y50R S 1020-Y60R S 1020-Y70R S 1020-Y80R S 1020-Y90R S 1030-B S 1030-B10G S 1030-B30G S 1030-B40G S 1030-B50G S 1030-B60G S 1030-B70G S 1030-B90G S 1030-G S 1030-G10Y S 1030-G20Y S 1030-G30Y S 1030-G40Y S 1030-G50Y S 1030-G60Y S 1030-G70Y S 1030-G80Y S 1030-G90Y S 1030-R S 1030-R10B S 1030-R20B S 1030-R30B S 1030-R40B S 1030-R50B S 1030-R60B S 1030-R70B S 1030-R80B S 1030-R90B S 1030-Y S 1030-Y10R S 1030-Y20R S 1030-Y30R S 1030-Y40R S 1030-Y50R S 1030-Y60R S 1030-Y70R S 1030-Y80R S 1030-Y90R S 1040-B S 1040-B10G S 1040-B20G S 1040-B30G S 1040-B40G S 1040-B50G S 1040-B60G S 1040-B70G S 1040-B80G S 1040-B90G S 1040-G S 1040-G10Y S 1040-G20Y S 1040-G30Y S 1040-G40Y S 1040-G50Y S 1040-G60Y S 1040-G70Y S 1040-G80Y S 1040-G90Y S 1040-R S 1040-R10B S 1040-R20B S 1040-R30B S 1040-R40B S 1040-R50B S 1040-R60B S 1040-R70B S 1040-R80B S 1040-R90B S 1040-Y S 1040-Y10R S 1040-Y20R S 1040-Y30R S 1040-Y40R S 1040-Y50R S 1040-Y60R S 1040-Y70R S 1040-Y80R S 1040-Y90R S 1050-B S 1050-B10G S 1050-B20G S 1050-B30G S 1050-B40G S 1050-B50G S 1050-B60G S 1050-B70G S 1050-B80G S 1050-B90G S 1050-G S 1050-G10Y S 1050-G20Y S 1050-G30Y S 1050-G40Y S 1050-G50Y S 1050-G60Y S 1050-G70Y S 1050-G80Y S 1050-G90Y S 1050-R S 1050-R10B S 1050-R20B S 1050-R30B S 1050-R40B S 1050-R90B S 1050-Y S 1050-Y10R S 1050-Y20R S 1050-Y30R S 1050-Y40R S 1050-Y50R S 1050-Y60R S 1050-Y70R S 1050-Y80R S 1050-Y90R S 1055-B90G S 1060-B S 1060-G S 1060-G10Y S 1060-G20Y S 1060-G30Y S 1060-G40Y S 1060-G50Y S 1060-G60Y S 1060-G70Y S 1060-G80Y S 1060-G90Y S 1060-R S 1060-R10B S 1060-R20B S 1060-R30B S 1060-Y S 1060-Y10R S 1060-Y20R S 1060-Y30R S 1060-Y40R S 1060-Y50R S 1060-Y60R S 1060-Y70R S 1060-Y80R S 1060-Y90R S 1070-G10Y S 1070-G20Y S 1070-G30Y S 1070-G40Y S 1070-G50Y S 1070-G60Y S 1070-G70Y S 1070-G80Y S 1070-G90Y S 1070-R S 1070-R10B S 1070-R20B S 1070-Y S 1070-Y10R S 1070-Y20R S 1070-Y30R S 1070-Y40R S 1070-Y50R S 1070-Y60R S 1070-Y70R S 1070-Y80R S 1070-Y90R S 1075-G20Y S 1075-G40Y S 1075-G50Y S 1075-G60Y S 1075-G70Y S 1075-G80Y S 1075-G90Y S 1080-G30Y S 1080-R S 1080-Y S 1080-Y10R S 1080-Y20R S 1080-Y30R S 1080-Y40R S 1080-Y50R S 1080-Y60R S 1080-Y70R S 1080-Y80R S 1080-Y90R S 1085-Y80R S 1085-Y90R S 1500-N S 1502-B S 1502-B50G S 1502-G S 1502-G50Y S 1502-R S 1502-R50B S 1502-Y S 1502-Y50R S 1505-G80Y S 1505-G90Y S 1505-Y10R S 1505-Y20R S 1505-Y30R S 1505-Y40R S 1505-Y50R S 1505-Y60R S 1505-Y70R S 1505-Y80R S 1505-Y90R S 1510-B S 1510-B20G S 1510-B50G S 1510-B80G S 1510-B90G S 1510-G S 1510-G10Y S 1510-G20Y S 1510-G30Y S 1510-G40Y S 1510-G60Y S 1510-G80Y S 1510-G90Y S 1510-R S 1510-R10B S 1510-R20B S 1510-R40B S 1510-R60B S 1510-R80B S 1510-R90B S 1510-Y S 1510-Y10R S 1510-Y20R S 1510-Y30R S 1510-Y40R S 1510-Y50R S 1510-Y60R S 1510-Y70R S 1510-Y80R S 1510-Y90R S 1515-B S 1515-B20G S 1515-B50G S 1515-B80G S 1515-G S 1515-G20Y S 1515-G40Y S 1515-G60Y S 1515-G80Y S 1515-G90Y S 1515-R S 1515-R10B S 1515-R20B S 1515-R40B S 1515-R60B S 1515-R80B S 1515-R90B S 1515-Y S 1515-Y10R S 1515-Y20R S 1515-Y30R S 1515-Y40R S 1515-Y50R S 1515-Y60R S 1515-Y70R S 1515-Y80R S 1515-Y90R S 1550-R70B S 1550-R80B S 1555-B10G S 1555-R70B S 1555-R80B S 1560-R90B S 1565-B S 1565-G S 1575-R10B S 1580-R S 1580-Y80R S 1580-Y90R S 2000-N S 2002-B S 2002-B50G S 2002-G S 2002-G50Y S 2002-R S 2002-R50B S 2002-Y S 2002-Y50R S 2005-B S 2005-B20G S 2005-B50G S 2005-B80G S 2005-G S 2005-G10Y S 2005-G20Y S 2005-G30Y S 2005-G40Y S 2005-G50Y S 2005-G60Y S 2005-G70Y S 2005-G80Y S 2005-G90Y S 2005-R S 2005-R10B S 2005-R20B S 2005-R30B S 2005-R40B S 2005-R50B S 2005-R60B S 2005-R70B S 2005-R80B S 2005-R90B S 2005-Y S 2005-Y10R S 2005-Y20R S 2005-Y30R S 2005-Y40R S 2005-Y50R S 2005-Y60R S 2005-Y70R S 2005-Y80R S 2005-Y90R S 2010-B S 2010-B10G S 2010-B30G S 2010-B50G S 2010-B70G S 2010-B90G S 2010-G S 2010-G10Y S 2010-G20Y S 2010-G30Y S 2010-G40Y S 2010-G50Y S 2010-G60Y S 2010-G70Y S 2010-G80Y S 2010-G90Y S 2010-R S 2010-R10B S 2010-R20B S 2010-R30B S 2010-R40B S 2010-R50B S 2010-R60B S 2010-R70B S 2010-R80B S 2010-R90B S 2010-Y S 2010-Y10R S 2010-Y20R S 2010-Y30R S 2010-Y40R S 2010-Y50R S 2010-Y60R S 2010-Y70R S 2010-Y80R S 2010-Y90R S 2020-B S 2020-B10G S 2020-B30G S 2020-B40G S 2020-B50G S 2020-B60G S 2020-B70G S 2020-B90G S 2020-G S 2020-G10Y S 2020-G20Y S 2020-G30Y S 2020-G40Y S 2020-G50Y S 2020-G60Y S 2020-G70Y S 2020-G80Y S 2020-G90Y S 2020-R S 2020-R10B S 2020-R20B S 2020-R30B S 2020-R40B S 2020-R50B S 2020-R60B S 2020-R70B S 2020-R80B S 2020-R90B S 2020-Y S 2020-Y10R S 2020-Y20R S 2020-Y30R S 2020-Y40R S 2020-Y50R S 2020-Y60R S 2020-Y70R S 2020-Y80R S 2020-Y90R S 2030-B S 2030-B10G S 2030-B30G S 2030-B40G S 2030-B50G S 2030-B60G S 2030-B70G S 2030-B90G S 2030-G S 2030-G10Y S 2030-G20Y S 2030-G30Y S 2030-G40Y S 2030-G50Y S 2030-G60Y S 2030-G70Y S 2030-G80Y S 2030-G90Y S 2030-R S 2030-R10B S 2030-R20B S 2030-R30B S 2030-R40B S 2030-R50B S 2030-R60B S 2030-R70B S 2030-R80B S 2030-R90B S 2030-Y S 2030-Y10R S 2030-Y20R S 2030-Y30R S 2030-Y40R S 2030-Y50R S 2030-Y60R S 2030-Y70R S 2030-Y80R S 2030-Y90R S 2040-B S 2040-B10G S 2040-B20G S 2040-B30G S 2040-B40G S 2040-B50G S 2040-B60G S 2040-B70G S 2040-B80G S 2040-B90G S 2040-G S 2040-G10Y S 2040-G20Y S 2040-G30Y S 2040-G40Y S 2040-G50Y S 2040-G60Y S 2040-G70Y S 2040-G80Y S 2040-G90Y S 2040-R S 2040-R10B S 2040-R20B S 2040-R30B S 2040-R40B S 2040-R50B S 2040-R60B S 2040-R70B S 2040-R80B S 2040-R90B S 2040-Y S 2040-Y10R S 2040-Y20R S 2040-Y30R S 2040-Y40R S 2040-Y50R S 2040-Y60R S 2040-Y70R S 2040-Y80R S 2040-Y90R S 2050-B S 2050-B10G S 2050-B20G S 2050-B30G S 2050-B40G S 2050-B50G S 2050-B60G S 2050-B70G S 2050-B80G S 2050-B90G S 2050-G S 2050-G10Y S 2050-G20Y S 2050-G30Y S 2050-G40Y S 2050-G50Y S 2050-G60Y S 2050-G70Y S 2050-G80Y S 2050-G90Y S 2050-R S 2050-R10B S 2050-R20B S 2050-R30B S 2050-R40B S 2050-R50B S 2050-R60B S 2050-R70B S 2050-R80B S 2050-R90B S 2050-Y S 2050-Y10R S 2050-Y20R S 2050-Y30R S 2050-Y40R S 2050-Y50R S 2050-Y60R S 2050-Y70R S 2050-Y80R S 2050-Y90R S 2055-B10G S 2060-B S 2060-B50G S 2060-B70G S 2060-B90G S 2060-G S 2060-G10Y S 2060-G20Y S 2060-G30Y S 2060-G40Y S 2060-G50Y S 2060-G60Y S 2060-G70Y S 2060-G80Y S 2060-G90Y S 2060-R S 2060-R10B S 2060-R20B S 2060-R30B S 2060-R40B S 2060-R70B S 2060-R80B S 2060-R90B S 2060-Y S 2060-Y10R S 2060-Y20R S 2060-Y30R S 2060-Y40R S 2060-Y50R S 2060-Y60R S 2060-Y70R S 2060-Y80R S 2060-Y90R S 2065-B S 2065-R20B S 2065-R90B S 2070-G10Y S 2070-G20Y S 2070-G30Y S 2070-G40Y S 2070-G50Y S 2070-G60Y S 2070-G70Y S 2070-G80Y S 2070-G90Y S 2070-R S 2070-R10B S 2070-Y S 2070-Y10R S 2070-Y20R S 2070-Y30R S 2070-Y40R S 2070-Y50R S 2070-Y60R S 2070-Y70R S 2070-Y80R S 2070-Y90R S 2075-G20Y S 2075-G30Y S 2075-Y60R S 2075-Y70R S 2500-N S 2502-B S 2502-G S 2502-R S 2502-Y S 2555-B20G S 2555-B30G S 2555-B40G S 2555-B60G S 2555-B80G S 2565-G S 2565-R80B S 2570-G20Y S 2570-G30Y S 2570-R S 2570-Y30R S 2570-Y40R S 2570-Y50R S 2570-Y60R S 2570-Y70R S 2570-Y80R S 2570-Y90R S 3000-N S 3005-B20G S 3005-B80G S 3005-G20Y S 3005-G50Y S 3005-G80Y S 3005-R20B S 3005-R50B S 3005-R80B S 3005-Y20R S 3005-Y50R S 3005-Y80R S 3010-B S 3010-B10G S 3010-B30G S 3010-B50G S 3010-B70G S 3010-B90G S 3010-G S 3010-G10Y S 3010-G20Y S 3010-G30Y S 3010-G40Y S 3010-G50Y S 3010-G60Y S 3010-G70Y S 3010-G80Y S 3010-G90Y S 3010-R S 3010-R10B S 3010-R20B S 3010-R30B S 3010-R40B S 3010-R50B S 3010-R60B S 3010-R70B S 3010-R80B S 3010-R90B S 3010-Y S 3010-Y10R S 3010-Y20R S 3010-Y30R S 3010-Y40R S 3010-Y50R S 3010-Y60R S 3010-Y70R S 3010-Y80R S 3010-Y90R S 3020-B S 3020-B10G S 3020-B30G S 3020-B40G S 3020-B50G S 3020-B60G S 3020-B70G S 3020-B90G S 3020-G S 3020-G10Y S 3020-G20Y S 3020-G30Y S 3020-G40Y S 3020-G50Y S 3020-G60Y S 3020-G70Y S 3020-G80Y S 3020-G90Y S 3020-R S 3020-R10B S 3020-R20B S 3020-R30B S 3020-R40B S 3020-R50B S 3020-R60B S 3020-R70B S 3020-R80B S 3020-R90B S 3020-Y S 3020-Y10R S 3020-Y20R S 3020-Y30R S 3020-Y40R S 3020-Y50R S 3020-Y60R S 3020-Y70R S 3020-Y80R S 3020-Y90R S 3030-B S 3030-B10G S 3030-B30G S 3030-B40G S 3030-B50G S 3030-B60G S 3030-B70G S 3030-B90G S 3030-G S 3030-G10Y S 3030-G20Y S 3030-G30Y S 3030-G40Y S 3030-G50Y S 3030-G60Y S 3030-G70Y S 3030-G80Y S 3030-G90Y S 3030-R S 3030-R10B S 3030-R20B S 3030-R30B S 3030-R40B S 3030-R50B S 3030-R60B S 3030-R70B S 3030-R80B S 3030-R90B S 3030-Y S 3030-Y10R S 3030-Y20R S 3030-Y30R S 3030-Y40R S 3030-Y50R S 3030-Y60R S 3030-Y70R S 3030-Y80R S 3030-Y90R S 3040-B S 3040-B10G S 3040-B20G S 3040-B30G S 3040-B40G S 3040-B50G S 3040-B60G S 3040-B70G S 3040-B80G S 3040-B90G S 3040-G S 3040-G10Y S 3040-G20Y S 3040-G30Y S 3040-G40Y S 3040-G50Y S 3040-G60Y S 3040-G70Y S 3040-G80Y S 3040-G90Y S 3040-R S 3040-R10B S 3040-R20B S 3040-R30B S 3040-R40B S 3040-R50B S 3040-R60B S 3040-R70B S 3040-R80B S 3040-R90B S 3040-Y S 3040-Y10R S 3040-Y20R S 3040-Y30R S 3040-Y40R S 3040-Y50R S 3040-Y60R S 3040-Y70R S 3040-Y80R S 3040-Y90R S 3050-B S 3050-B10G S 3050-B20G S 3050-B30G S 3050-B40G S 3050-B50G S 3050-B60G S 3050-B70G S 3050-B80G S 3050-B90G S 3050-G S 3050-G10Y S 3050-G20Y S 3050-G30Y S 3050-G40Y S 3050-G50Y S 3050-G60Y S 3050-G70Y S 3050-G80Y S 3050-G90Y S 3050-R S 3050-R10B S 3050-R20B S 3050-R30B S 3050-R40B S 3050-R50B S 3050-R60B S 3050-R70B S 3050-R80B S 3050-R90B S 3050-Y S 3050-Y10R S 3050-Y20R S 3050-Y30R S 3050-Y40R S 3050-Y50R S 3050-Y60R S 3050-Y70R S 3050-Y80R S 3050-Y90R S 3055-B50G S 3055-R30B S 3055-R40B S 3055-R50B S 3060-B S 3060-B10G S 3060-B20G S 3060-B30G S 3060-B40G S 3060-B70G S 3060-B90G S 3060-G S 3060-G10Y S 3060-G20Y S 3060-G30Y S 3060-G40Y S 3060-G50Y S 3060-G60Y S 3060-G70Y S 3060-G80Y S 3060-G90Y S 3060-R S 3060-R10B S 3060-R20B S 3060-R70B S 3060-R80B S 3060-R90B S 3060-Y S 3060-Y10R S 3060-Y20R S 3060-Y30R S 3060-Y40R S 3060-Y50R S 3060-Y60R S 3060-Y70R S 3060-Y80R S 3060-Y90R S 3065-G10Y S 3065-G40Y S 3065-G50Y S 3065-G60Y S 3065-R90B S 3065-Y20R S 3500-N S 3502-B S 3502-G S 3502-R S 3502-Y S 3555-B60G S 3555-B80G S 3555-R60B S 3560-G S 3560-G10Y S 3560-G20Y S 3560-G30Y S 3560-G40Y S 3560-G50Y S 3560-G60Y S 3560-G70Y S 3560-R S 3560-R80B S 3560-R90B S 3560-Y S 3560-Y20R S 3560-Y30R S 3560-Y40R S 3560-Y50R S 3560-Y60R S 3560-Y70R S 3560-Y80R S 3560-Y90R S 4000-N S 4005-B20G S 4005-B80G S 4005-G20Y S 4005-G50Y S 4005-G80Y S 4005-R20B S 4005-R50B S 4005-R80B S 4005-Y20R S 4005-Y50R S 4005-Y80R S 4010-B10G S 4010-B30G S 4010-B50G S 4010-B70G S 4010-B90G S 4010-G10Y S 4010-G30Y S 4010-G50Y S 4010-G70Y S 4010-G90Y S 4010-R10B S 4010-R30B S 4010-R50B S 4010-R70B S 4010-R90B S 4010-Y10R S 4010-Y30R S 4010-Y50R S 4010-Y70R S 4010-Y90R S 4020-B S 4020-B10G S 4020-B30G S 4020-B50G S 4020-B70G S 4020-B90G S 4020-G S 4020-G10Y S 4020-G30Y S 4020-G50Y S 4020-G70Y S 4020-G90Y S 4020-R S 4020-R10B S 4020-R20B S 4020-R30B S 4020-R40B S 4020-R50B S 4020-R60B S 4020-R70B S 4020-R80B S 4020-R90B S 4020-Y S 4020-Y10R S 4020-Y20R S 4020-Y30R S 4020-Y40R S 4020-Y50R S 4020-Y60R S 4020-Y70R S 4020-Y80R S 4020-Y90R S 4030-B S 4030-B10G S 4030-B30G S 4030-B50G S 4030-B70G S 4030-B90G S 4030-G S 4030-G10Y S 4030-G30Y S 4030-G50Y S 4030-G70Y S 4030-G90Y S 4030-R S 4030-R10B S 4030-R20B S 4030-R30B S 4030-R40B S 4030-R50B S 4030-R60B S 4030-R70B S 4030-R80B S 4030-R90B S 4030-Y S 4030-Y10R S 4030-Y20R S 4030-Y30R S 4030-Y40R S 4030-Y50R S 4030-Y60R S 4030-Y70R S 4030-Y80R S 4030-Y90R S 4040-B S 4040-B10G S 4040-B20G S 4040-B30G S 4040-B40G S 4040-B50G S 4040-B60G S 4040-B70G S 4040-B80G S 4040-B90G S 4040-G S 4040-G10Y S 4040-G20Y S 4040-G30Y S 4040-G40Y S 4040-G50Y S 4040-G60Y S 4040-G70Y S 4040-G80Y S 4040-G90Y S 4040-R S 4040-R10B S 4040-R20B S 4040-R30B S 4040-R40B S 4040-R50B S 4040-R60B S 4040-R70B S 4040-R80B S 4040-R90B S 4040-Y S 4040-Y10R S 4040-Y20R S 4040-Y30R S 4040-Y40R S 4040-Y50R S 4040-Y60R S 4040-Y70R S 4040-Y80R S 4040-Y90R S 4050-B S 4050-B10G S 4050-B20G S 4050-B30G S 4050-B40G S 4050-B50G S 4050-B60G S 4050-B70G S 4050-B80G S 4050-B90G S 4050-G S 4050-G10Y S 4050-G20Y S 4050-G30Y S 4050-G40Y S 4050-G50Y S 4050-G60Y S 4050-G70Y S 4050-G80Y S 4050-G90Y S 4050-R S 4050-R10B S 4050-R20B S 4050-R30B S 4050-R40B S 4050-R50B S 4050-R60B S 4050-R70B S 4050-R80B S 4050-R90B S 4050-Y S 4050-Y10R S 4050-Y20R S 4050-Y30R S 4050-Y40R S 4050-Y50R S 4050-Y60R S 4050-Y70R S 4050-Y80R S 4050-Y90R S 4055-B S 4055-B40G S 4055-R70B S 4055-Y10R S 4500-N S 4502-B S 4502-G S 4502-R S 4502-Y S 4550-B S 4550-B20G S 4550-B30G S 4550-B40G S 4550-B50G S 4550-B80G S 4550-B90G S 4550-G S 4550-G10Y S 4550-G20Y S 4550-G30Y S 4550-G40Y S 4550-G50Y S 4550-G60Y S 4550-G70Y S 4550-R70B S 4550-R80B S 4550-R90B S 4550-Y S 4550-Y30R S 4550-Y40R S 4550-Y50R S 4550-Y60R S 4550-Y70R S 4550-Y80R S 4550-Y90R S 5000-N S 5005-B20G S 5005-B80G S 5005-G20Y S 5005-G50Y S 5005-G80Y S 5005-R20B S 5005-R50B S 5005-R80B S 5005-Y20R S 5005-Y50R S 5005-Y80R S 5010-B10G S 5010-B30G S 5010-B50G S 5010-B70G S 5010-B90G S 5010-G10Y S 5010-G30Y S 5010-G50Y S 5010-G70Y S 5010-G90Y S 5010-R10B S 5010-R30B S 5010-R50B S 5010-R70B S 5010-R90B S 5010-Y10R S 5010-Y30R S 5010-Y50R S 5010-Y70R S 5010-Y90R S 5020-B S 5020-B10G S 5020-B30G S 5020-B50G S 5020-B70G S 5020-B90G S 5020-G S 5020-G10Y S 5020-G30Y S 5020-G50Y S 5020-G70Y S 5020-G90Y S 5020-R S 5020-R10B S 5020-R20B S 5020-R30B S 5020-R40B S 5020-R50B S 5020-R60B S 5020-R70B S 5020-R80B S 5020-R90B S 5020-Y S 5020-Y10R S 5020-Y20R S 5020-Y30R S 5020-Y40R S 5020-Y50R S 5020-Y60R S 5020-Y70R S 5020-Y80R S 5020-Y90R S 5030-B S 5030-B10G S 5030-B30G S 5030-B50G S 5030-B70G S 5030-B90G S 5030-G S 5030-G10Y S 5030-G30Y S 5030-G50Y S 5030-G70Y S 5030-G90Y S 5030-R S 5030-R10B S 5030-R20B S 5030-R30B S 5030-R40B S 5030-R50B S 5030-R60B S 5030-R70B S 5030-R80B S 5030-R90B S 5030-Y S 5030-Y10R S 5030-Y20R S 5030-Y30R S 5030-Y40R S 5030-Y50R S 5030-Y60R S 5030-Y70R S 5030-Y80R S 5030-Y90R S 5040-B S 5040-B10G S 5040-B20G S 5040-B30G S 5040-B40G S 5040-B50G S 5040-B60G S 5040-B70G S 5040-B80G S 5040-B90G S 5040-G S 5040-G10Y S 5040-G20Y S 5040-G30Y S 5040-G40Y S 5040-G50Y S 5040-G60Y S 5040-G70Y S 5040-G80Y S 5040-G90Y S 5040-R S 5040-R10B S 5040-R20B S 5040-R30B S 5040-R40B S 5040-R50B S 5040-R60B S 5040-R70B S 5040-R80B S 5040-R90B S 5040-Y S 5040-Y10R S 5040-Y20R S 5040-Y30R S 5040-Y40R S 5040-Y50R S 5040-Y60R S 5040-Y70R S 5040-Y80R S 5040-Y90R S 5045-B10G S 5500-N S 5502-B S 5502-G S 5502-R S 5502-Y S 5540-B S 5540-B10G S 5540-B20G S 5540-B30G S 5540-B40G S 5540-B50G S 5540-B80G S 5540-B90G S 5540-G S 5540-G10Y S 5540-G20Y S 5540-G30Y S 5540-G40Y S 5540-G50Y S 5540-G60Y S 5540-G70Y S 5540-R70B S 5540-R90B S 5540-Y90R S 6000-N S 6005-B20G S 6005-B80G S 6005-G20Y S 6005-G50Y S 6005-G80Y S 6005-R20B S 6005-R50B S 6005-R80B S 6005-Y20R S 6005-Y50R S 6005-Y80R S 6010-B10G S 6010-B30G S 6010-B50G S 6010-B70G S 6010-B90G S 6010-G10Y S 6010-G30Y S 6010-G50Y S 6010-G70Y S 6010-G90Y S 6010-R10B S 6010-R30B S 6010-R50B S 6010-R70B S 6010-R90B S 6010-Y10R S 6010-Y30R S 6010-Y50R S 6010-Y70R S 6010-Y90R S 6020-B S 6020-B10G S 6020-B30G S 6020-B50G S 6020-B70G S 6020-B90G S 6020-G S 6020-G10Y S 6020-G30Y S 6020-G50Y S 6020-G70Y S 6020-G90Y S 6020-R S 6020-R10B S 6020-R20B S 6020-R30B S 6020-R40B S 6020-R50B S 6020-R60B S 6020-R70B S 6020-R80B S 6020-R90B S 6020-Y S 6020-Y10R S 6020-Y20R S 6020-Y30R S 6020-Y40R S 6020-Y50R S 6020-Y60R S 6020-Y70R S 6020-Y80R S 6020-Y90R S 6030-B S 6030-B10G S 6030-B30G S 6030-B50G S 6030-B70G S 6030-B90G S 6030-G S 6030-G10Y S 6030-G30Y S 6030-G50Y S 6030-G70Y S 6030-G90Y S 6030-R S 6030-R10B S 6030-R20B S 6030-R30B S 6030-R40B S 6030-R50B S 6030-R60B S 6030-R70B S 6030-R80B S 6030-R90B S 6030-Y S 6030-Y10R S 6030-Y20R S 6030-Y30R S 6030-Y40R S 6030-Y50R S 6030-Y60R S 6030-Y70R S 6030-Y80R S 6030-Y90R S 6035-B60G S 6500-N S 6502-B S 6502-G S 6502-R S 6502-Y S 6530-B30G S 6530-B50G S 6530-G10Y S 6530-G50Y S 7000-N S 7005-B20G S 7005-B80G S 7005-G20Y S 7005-G50Y S 7005-G80Y S 7005-R20B S 7005-R50B S 7005-R80B S 7005-Y20R S 7005-Y50R S 7005-Y80R S 7010-B10G S 7010-B30G S 7010-B50G S 7010-B70G S 7010-B90G S 7010-G10Y S 7010-G30Y S 7010-G50Y S 7010-G70Y S 7010-G90Y S 7010-R10B S 7010-R30B S 7010-R50B S 7010-R70B S 7010-R90B S 7010-Y10R S 7010-Y30R S 7010-Y50R S 7010-Y70R S 7010-Y90R S 7020-B S 7020-B10G S 7020-B30G S 7020-B50G S 7020-B70G S 7020-B90G S 7020-G S 7020-G10Y S 7020-G30Y S 7020-G50Y S 7020-G70Y S 7020-G90Y S 7020-R S 7020-R10B S 7020-R20B S 7020-R30B S 7020-R40B S 7020-R50B S 7020-R60B S 7020-R70B S 7020-R80B S 7020-R90B S 7020-Y S 7020-Y10R S 7020-Y20R S 7020-Y30R S 7020-Y40R S 7020-Y50R S 7020-Y60R S 7020-Y70R S 7020-Y80R S 7020-Y90R S 7500-N S 7502-B S 7502-G S 7502-R S 7502-Y S 8000-N S 8005-B20G S 8005-B80G S 8005-G20Y S 8005-G50Y S 8005-G80Y S 8005-R20B S 8005-R50B S 8005-R80B S 8005-Y20R S 8005-Y50R S 8005-Y80R S 8010-B10G S 8010-B30G S 8010-B50G S 8010-B70G S 8010-B90G S 8010-G10Y S 8010-G30Y S 8010-G50Y S 8010-G70Y S 8010-G90Y S 8010-R10B S 8010-R30B S 8010-R50B S 8010-R70B S 8010-R90B S 8010-Y10R S 8010-Y30R S 8010-Y50R S 8010-Y70R S 8010-Y90R S 8500-N S 8502-B S 8502-G S 8502-R S 8502-Y S 8505-B20G S 8505-B80G S 8505-G20Y S 8505-G80Y S 8505-R20B S 8505-R80B S 8505-Y20R S 8505-Y80R S 9000-N Nearest Standard Colours(s) = Noticeably different

= Noticeably different = Different

= Different = Slightly Different

= Slightly Different = Close but distinguishable

= Close but distinguishable = Distinguishable to the practiced eye

= Distinguishable to the practiced eye = Virtually indistinguishable

Near Alternative(s) Filter by colour range/specification: All RAL Classic RAL Design RAL Effect British Standards 4800/5252 BS 381 C BS 2660 BS 5252 Other BS colours Pantone® Coated Pantone® Uncoated ASTM F934 fencing DIN 6164 NCS 1950 AMS Standard 595A Federal Standard 595C Australian Standard AS2700 Dulux® Trade (UK) Farrow and Ball (UK) Fired Earth (UK) Isomat (EU) Little Greene (UK) PPG (US) / Johnstone’s (UK) Sherwin-Williams (US) Tikkurila (EU)

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= noticeably different

= different

= slightly different

= close but distinguishable

= distinguishable to the practiced eye

+ = virtually indistinguishable

Please note that colours can vary from different suppliers, batches and over time.

The information and the colours depicted are for guidance only . The displayed colour will depend on your monitor and browser and pearl or metallic colours have not been included.

The finished colour, therefore, may not be as shown here.

The sRGB conversion system used is IEC 61966:2-1 1999 D50 adapted which may differ from other conversions.

We always recommend a visual check before any major purchase.

PANTONE® is a registered trademark of Pantone LLC.

NCS® is a registered tradename of NCS Colour AB.

Dulux® is a registered trade name of Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd and is a brand from Akzo Nobel.

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S 1500-N : NCS color S 1500-N

Overview of NCS S 1500-N colour

Find the different correspondences of the NCS S 1500-N color: Hexadecimal, RGB (Red Green Blue)…

It is important to remember that the colours visible on computer or smartphone screens may differ from reality.

For this reason, we recommend that you purchase an NCS color chart to see the actual NCS color.

Convert NCS to RAL color code

Use this table and colour chart to convert an NCS color code (Natural Color System) to a RAL color code. Because the RAL system contains a more limited number of colors than NCS, it’s not always possible to make a 100% exact conversion. The values in the table describe the RAL color that is nearest to each NCS color.

Remember that colors on a screen can differ from how they look on a painted surface depending on the settings on your device. We highly recommend that you use a physical color chart to get the best results, especially if you want to match the color on an existing surface.

NCS NCS S 1500-N

NCS S 1500 N will be colour matched, manufactured and delivered free to your facility in four days. The minimum order quantity for this fast track small batch powder service is 20kg, reducing unnecessary waste and costs.

NCS S 1500 N is available in Architectural polyester gloss, semigloss or matt finish, meeting the requirements of BS EN 12206 for Aluminium and BS EN 13438 for galvanised steel.

Specifiers and designers are looking for greater colour choice and are selecting colours from the RAL Design, NCS and Pantone ranges. The ability to manufacture a minimum of 20kg, in Architectural polyester powder colours like NCS S 1500 N and deliver free in four days is a major service innovation from Avace. This fast track small batch colour service has unlocked the World of Colour for architects and designers.

The small batch bespoke colour service is available in other powder types such as epoxy and epoxy polyester, in a variety of gloss levels, textures and leatherettes. For more information on the colour of your choice call Avace customer service on 01384 400355 or e mail your enquiry to [email protected].

Avace endeavours to manufacture precisely the quantity you order, however please note variances of +/- 10% can occur in the manufacturing process, under makes will be credited and over makes will be charged at the kilo rate.

NCS S 1500-N (NCS Index 1950)

NCS S 1500-N Print page

This page shows NCS color S 1500-N. This color appears in the category S 1500 – S 1580, part of the collection NCS Index 1950.

Important: on computer screens NCS colors do not appear completely authentic. Use the color impression on this page as a reference only.

Color sample

Press the color sample below to enlarge this color:

HEX code: #d3d3cf

RGB code Red: 211 (83%) Green: 211 (83%) Blue: 207 (81%)

CMYK code Cyan: 0% Magenta: 0% Yellow: 2% Black: 17%

View this color in real life on a physical NCS color fan deck

It’s a risk to make a decision based on the display of a color on a computer screen. To be sure of the correct color, we recommend to use a physical NCS color fan deck. On this website you can buy a NCS color fan deck.

Convertisseur Ral

Ce tableau propose une correspondance approximative entre les nuanciers RAL, NCS, Pantone, CMJN et RVB.

Les couleurs ci-dessous peuvent variés d’un écran à l’autre et peuvent ne pas correspondre parfaitement.

Le numéro souhaité n’est pas dans la liste ? Convertir un numéro

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