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Watch Sebastián Alvarez Murena, co-founder of Eau d’Italie, present each fragrance in the gorgeous setting of Hotel Le Sirenuse, in Positano

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Eau d’Italie Eau de Parfum – Luckyscent

An extraordinary fresh Summertime cologne that does transport you to a state of mind, feeling you are in an Italian garden. A very subtle fragrance, of doily …

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Eau d’Italie (@eauditalie_official) • Instagram photos and videos

3960 Followers, 679 Following, 523 Posts – See Instagram photos and veos from Eau d’Italie (@eauditalie_official)

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EAU D'ITALIE  - The Essence of Italy
EAU D’ITALIE – The Essence of Italy

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Eau d’Italie Eau de Parfum

The Scoop

Immerse yourself in the true scent of summer luxury in Positano: warm terra cotta tiles on the terrace as you pass over them with bare feet, mysterious incense wafting on the turquoise sea air; revitalizing fresh bergamot and exotic blackcurrant buds emanate from the fragrant shrub. The result is a true fragrance from the hotel Sirenuse: Eau d’Italie. At first spray, Eau d’Italie is a subtly seductive, yet decisive scent for both men and women. Bergamot and incense turn a floral note into a reminder of the verdant cliffs on the sparkling Amalfi Coast.

Eau d’Italie

Initially a secret between those in the know, Eau d’Italie quickly traveled from the iconic Le Sirenuse Hotel on the Amalfi Coast in Positano to become a global sensation. The key… a truly Italian ingredient: la passione. That same burning passion that gave the world beauty and excellence in art, fashion and design infuses every drop of this exquisite collection. Eau d’Italie works with the greatest perfumers in the world to create dynamic fragrances which are always contemporary, always original, always inspiring.

Read the INTERVIEW by Beauty and Well-Being with Eau d’Italie’s founders.

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