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POWERMOUNT SYSTEM: Elegant design meets a wide range of functions
This challenge can be met only thanks to a modern and universal product – BURY proves it with the new POWERMOUNT system. A modular system design, which can be constantly adapted to the changing requirements of the user as well as to the technological progress, is a new and unique product concept in the market. This variability and compatibility of POWERMOUNT products gives the customer a wide range of benefits and functions. Thanks to the sophisticated design and the use of high-quality materials, the system fits seamlessly into every modern car cockpit. In the case of changing a vehicle, the system can be removed from it simply and without leaving residues, and used in another vehicle.
POWERKITS: Entry into a word of new products
Thanks to POWERKITs the Customers can simply enter the world of the POWERMOUNT system. Three different Starter sets with a useful range of functions are available for this purpose. Basic component is always the POWERBASE as a mounting slot and the POWERFLEX system as a flexibly adjustable arm.
According to personal Customer requirements, one of the three POWERMOUNT holder systems is supplied with the respective set. The universal POWERCRADLE PASSIVE is a part of the POWERKIT PASSIVE. The POWERCRADLE USB is included in the POWERKIT USB and the POWERCRADLE QI’s convenient system of cradles with an inductive charging can be found in the POWERKIT QI.
Today, we have already thought about tomorrow
All POWERMOUNT products can be combined and varied. The advantage: Many wishes and requirements are fulfilled with only one system. Additional modules are currently in the planning and implementation phase, so that all customers can look forward to other interesting applications and functions for their vehicle. Thus, the POWERMOUNT system is also a future-proof investment.

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Bury Qi Bundle – Powercharge Qi Cradle & Powermount Adapter

Bury Qi Bundle – Powercharge Qi Cradle & System 8/System 9 Powermount Adapter – Universal Cradle with Wireless Charging (Qi) If you already have a Bury …

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Bury Power Mount System Powerkit Qi – Amazon.co.uk

Wireless charging for Qi standard supported smartphones. Additional charging option via USB C; Optimal positioning thanks to 4-axis system.

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Bury* POWERMOUNT System Powercharge QI – 2332681

Bury* POWERMOUNT System Powercharge QI · Product Description. Product Description. With it’s functional design, the POWERMOUNT system locates your mobile phone …

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Bury* POWERMOUNT System Powercharge QI

With it’s aesthetic and functional design the POWERMOUNT System has no limits, locate your mobile phone in the most convenient place for your personal …

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Bury Power Mount System – POWERKIT Qi – Vehicle Tech Store

POWERCHARGE Qi + POWERFLEX + POWERBASE. POWERCHARGE Qi. Operating Voltage : 10V-16V; Max. current consumption : 2A; Dimensions : 118,5mm x 125,2mm x 39 mm …

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BURY Powermount System PowerKit Qi – for sale online – eBay

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for BURY Powermount System PowerKit Qi – at the best online prices at eBay!

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Powercharge Qi Cradle & Powermount Adapter to suit Bury System 8 & System 9 – Bury Qi Bundle

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Bury* POWERMOUNT System Powercharge QI

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