Information about us

Address: No. 192 Le Cong Thanh, Phu Ly City, Ha Nam.

Hotline: 0913.077.186 09155.01955 Phone: 0913.077.186

Email: [email protected]

Our target
Our goal is to be the best photo website of all time’

Our Vision
Among the top 10 websites providing the most beautiful images in Vietnam.

General rules
Customers, please carefully review our regulations and policies and cooperate with us to improve the website frameanhtreotuong.vn day by day, in order to give customers the best shopping experience. In addition, if you have any questions about the policies and regulations below, please email us at [email protected]

In case the information provided by the customer is incomplete or incorrect, leading to the fact that we do not have enough grounds to deliver the wall photo frame to you, we have the right to suspend or refuse delivery without bear any liability to the customer. You should keep your password and account confidential and are fully responsible for all activities that occur through the use of your password or account.

Customer information at Giahuyshop will be kept strictly confidential by us and only in case required by law, we will provide this information to law enforcement agencies.

Customers are not allowed to make comments, reviews that are offensive, harassing, annoying or have any uncultured behavior towards other customers. Do not make comments related to politics (such as propaganda, anti-corruption, distorting the Party and the state…), discriminating against religion, region, gender, ethnicity.

Customers absolutely must not use any method to interfere, illegally infiltrate the data system or change the structure of Giahuyshop’s website such as: network attack, website hack, security hack, disclosure. exploit vulnerabilities… Please notify webmaster of frameanhtreotuong.vn as soon as customers discover system errors

Agreements and provisions in the general policy and regulations may change at any time, but we will specifically notify you on the website frameanhtreotuong.vn

Specify the form of payment
In order to bring you the best shopping experience, we always strive to provide the most payment methods for you, making it convenient and safe for you to buy our wall photo frames. we.

Customers can order through the website frameanhtreotuong.vn or via the call center 0915.501.955. Our staff will call to confirm with customers about products and payment methods. You are responsible for paying in full the full value of the order to the salesperson or delivery staff immediately after completing the goods inspection and receiving the delivery note.

You can pay directly in cash when you come to buy products at Giahuyshop’s store. In addition, we apply COD payment method to receive goods and then pay for all customers through shipping partners: Viettel Post, Giaohangtietkiem… Tuesday

After you order products on Giahuyshop’s website, our staff will directly contact you to agree on the order, payment method, shipping method.